Taylah and Magic Ruler (Harry)

I work at Element Hill where Magic Ruler was born, I always liked him when he was a foal but it wasn’t until he was a yearling I fell in love with him. He was predominantly my horse during yearling prep and was the 2nd horse I ever led through the sale ring. He ended up passing in but I wasn’t upset about him coming home. He has always had quite an opinion of himself, nothing nasty he just knew he was pretty and had a presence about him.

Element Hill raced him as a 2yo and 3yo with him winning two races in Sydney before they sold him online. I was heartbroken when he sold, but thankfully I was able to buy a small share in him after speaking to Cameron from Flying Starts. He didn’t live up to expectations due to having breathing problems and not having the heart for racing anymore, he was retired and Cameron knew how much I’d always wanted him.

Although he didn’t win a race while I was a part owner, it was still a great experience as a first time racehorse owner to go to the races and see him race. Cameron did have to talk another owner out of wanting him when he retired so that I could have him. I cried after Cameron told me he was mine and couldn’t stop smiling the day I picked him up. I had waited 4 years to call Magic Ruler mine and now he is.

He has always been a sweet horse although a bit full of himself. It still feels quite surreal that I own him now after a long journey to get here. I can’t wait for us to get out to some shows in the future but most importantly just to enjoy owning a horse I’ve waited a long time for. He calls out to me every morning when I walk out of the house and calls out to me every afternoon when I get home.

He has settled in nicely back at Element Hill where he was born and is just enjoying a few weeks off in the paddock to put some weight on and just be a horse for a while. He has already gained a fair bit of weight and is just a happier horse lately compared to when he arrived.

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