What is next

for the Kick Up vision?

Our plans are exciting – we hope this is just the beginning!


Information focus:
web and social media presence

The first step for Kick Up has been to create an online resource that can be used to:

  • Provide our army of ambassadors with facts, figures and information to respond to false facts shared by antis in day-to-day conversations.
  • Allow those curious about the industry to find an accurate and balanced view on common concerns they may have about horse racing.
  • Create shareable content that can help change the conversation and kick up for horse racing.


Content focus:
building out the library

Next, we will be adding content to our resource library to promote our industry.


  • Create shareable, engaging emotional video content that showcases all we love about horse racing.
  • Continue to develop information-based resources based on concerns that arise. Respond to feedback around additional topics.
  • Continue to grow our omni-platform content strategy across several media platforms: graphics, long-form articles, social media bites, short viral videos and documentary-style pieces.


Amplification focus:
increase our impact

The third part of the vision is to increase our impact. The first requirement is to:

  • Implement a social-listening strategy providing, a) a method to measure campaign impact, b) insights on growing concerns, and c) methods to curate targeted campaigns that resonate widely.


With funding support from the industry, modern marketing technology tools and best practise in PR management can be utilised, to:

  • Creating resources for industry ambassadors to draw on and influence their networks.
  • Building out engagement strategies so Australians can be exposed to more effective industry promotions.
  • Look at strategies to help position the industry better in the public space, such as addressing inter-industry language and developing pre-emptive PR materials for crisis management.
  • Implement a sophisticated SEO strategy.
As we continue to gather feedback on the most common concerns about horse racing, we will working with leaders to ensure the industry works together to drive needed change.