To change the conversation about horse racing

And tell the truth about how it really is.

That’s our mission.




Kick Up was founded by a team of young, dedicated enthusiasts with a deep passion for the horse racing industry.

Our Kick Up conversation began after sharing experiences of Melbourne Cup Day.

One of the primary pitfalls of the digital era is that shocking content is highly shareable without any accountability for the truth.

A day that was once a celebration of Australian racing, we now spend defending the industry against inaccurate statistics touted by activists.

Relentless defending can be hard to do – not for our lack of passion or belief in the industry, but because access to accurate facts often isn’t at our fingertips fast enough to form a validated response.

That’s why Kick Up was born…


Horse racing has an incredible army of ambassadors, so we distil accurate, fact-checked information pulled in from validated sources and present it palatably so you can use it. 

We want the racing industry network to be armed with content that fights back against untruths.

We invite you to steal our stuff – plagiarise with pride. And share it across your socials to educate Karen who won’t partake in Cup Day sweepstakes because she believes that ‘horses are forced to run’.

The conversation is currently dominated by the negative perspectives projected by activists and we need to shift the balance of dialogue.

The aim of Kick Up is to present accurate horse racing information on controversial topics in an engaging, educational and interesting format.

We are providing insight to the smart, digitally savvy youngster who is open-minded enough to consider a balanced perspective before taking a position.



Scientific papers have provided a lot of the background information utilised in our content. 

Facts and figures are drawn from racing authority publications where possible and additional depth sought through veterinary journals. 

Ultimately, we work everyday with people who live their lives breeding, training and helping thoroughbreds be at their best. We see everyday the love, commitment and financial resources poured into these wonderful animals.

In addition, many industry participants have generously allowed us to utilise photography, videography & stories from their lives. 


We will be serving up a balance of emotional and rational content through our Kick Up website and social platforms to show what our sport is really about.

Emotions are important. Sadly, activists resort to using shocking images showing accidents and illegal activities. But the other perspective is emotionally powerful too – we love our horses and will be showing that from every view.

Our rational content tells the truth – we are not afraid of the cold hard facts. In areas where we need to set higher animal welfare standards, we’ll push to find out what’s being done to improve it.

When we can’t find the answers we need, to the standard that’s required, we will push those in charge until we get it.




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